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Announcement ( Industrial investment opportunity ))

Number ( 2/ IRT / 2018)


*  We are the state company for rubber industries and tires one of the companies of Ministry of  Industry and Minerals in Iraq which is located in ( AL Najaf governorate – AL Haydariah district – road Karbala – Najaf ) have the pleasure to announce the investment opportunity( 2/irt/2018) to rehabilitate . moderate and operate followed factory according to the investment file  requirements :

- Dewaniya tire factory located in the center of AL Dewaniya governorate – AL Iskan quare

* We invite all investors and global specialized companies( sober manufactured companies or authorized agents not mediator) to participate this important opportunities because there is a very critical need to cars tires and other vehicles tires as well as that meet the requirements of Iraqi or foreign  markets and the economic feasibility study for this investment .

*  Anyone who has a desire to participate, a pplying to obtaining the invest  file  from Najaf site against  unrefundable sum ( 200000 ) ID and who bears the opportunity to invest in advertising fees and legal fees .


* submiting offers  inside  closed  and stampted envelop , fixied on it the name & number of investment opportunity(2/irt/2018) and the name of  interested  party   and Receipt of purchasing the investment file          

- financial statement  for last five years not last three years to be submitited .

Obtaining of investment  files begins on from date of announcing in daily newspapers.*

*participants can visit the site of Ministry of industry and Minerals ( investment department) as well as the site of the company in Najaf governorate if there is a need for any legal or technical informations or visit the site which are offered to investiment .

 The latest date to accept offers is before the ending of the work time of june 6 ,2018. the offer received after this date shall be disregarded .in case of acoincidence holiday official with closure day will be the first day time here are closing .

Offers are accepted at the our company headquarter .  *

* Participants also can visit the ministry website to see the informations and detals … and corresponding the investment department in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals by following address :

Republic of Iraq – Baghdad – east gate – Al Nidhal street . phone ( 009648162006) in ( 40 lines ) – p.o Box ( 5815)

 Email ( invest@ industry . gov . iq) – website : ( www.industry .gov.iq.)

* Participants also can see and corresponding the site of the company by address :  Republic of Iraq . Najaf governorate –p.o Box  (240) ( Email : scrit.iq@gmail.com )    (website: www.scti –iraq.com)




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