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 Repeat Announcement ( Industrial investment opportunity ))

Number ( 1/ IRT / 2018)


*  We are the state company for rubber industries and tires one of the companies of Ministry of  Industry and Minerals in Iraq which is located in ( AL Najaf governorate – AL Haydariah district – road Karbala – Najaf ) have the pleasure to repeat announce the investment opportunity( 1/irt/2017) to rehabilitate . moderate and operate its factories as follow according to the investment files requirements :

- Babylon tire f actory located in the site of the company in AL Najaf governorate -  AL Haydariah district .

- Rubber products Factory – Najaf – Aden quarter

* We invite all investors and global specialized companies to participate this important opportunities because there is a very critical need to cars tires and other vehicles tires as well as other rubber products that meet the requirements of Iraqi or foreign  markets and the economic feasibility study for this investment .

*  Anyone who has a desire to participate, a pplying to obtaining the invest . files ( all or part ) from Najaf site against     unrefundable sum as follow :

- Babylon tire factory file , amount of :    ( 300000 ) ID.

- Rubber products Factory , amount of : ( 150000 ) ID.


* Receipt of purchasing the investment files  to be attached with submited offers  inside  closed  and stampted envelop , fixied on it the name & number of investment opportunity(1/irt/2018) and the name of  interested  party .

Obtaining of investment  files begins on from date of announcing in daily newspapers.*

*participants can visit the site of Ministry of industry and Minerals ( investment department) as well as the site of the company in Najaf governorate if there is a need for any legal or technical informations or visit the site which are offered to investment .

 The latest date to accept offers is before the ending of the work time of march 25 ,2018.*

* Participants also can visit the ministry website to see the informations and detals … and corresponding the investment department in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals by following address :

Republic of Iraq – Baghdad – east gate – Al Nidhal street . phone ( 009648162006) in ( 40 lines ) – p.o Box ( 5815)

 Email ( invest@ industry . gov . iq) – website : ( www.industry .gov.iq.)

* Participants also can see and corresponding the site of the company by address :  Republic of Iraq . Najaf governorate –p.o Box  (240) ( Email : scrit.iq@gmail.com )    (website: www.najaf –iraq.com)



Eng . Reyadh Abdulameer jabir

Director General & Chairman 




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