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The state company for tire industry is economical unit with administration & financial independence and its one of the ministry of industry & minerals formation .

Its main goal is to consolidate country economics through its products : ranging from radial tires for cars , tires for bicycles and other rubber products according to international standards .

The state company for tire industry was established according to the establishment certificate No. 58 dated 31/12/1997 according to item 6 / companies law No. 22 year 1997 and situated in Najaf county 160 K.M. south west Baghdad .

The production  started in this vital establishment in the last third of the year 1994 after receding the responsibility from the contractor ( new tire project committee ) . knowing that the actual erection of machines & equipments started in the year 1989-1990 .

The company was awarded certificates by the central committee for surveying and quality control  and participated in several exhibitions and trading fairs such as Baghdad international fair ministry abroad such as : Cairo , Abudabi , Syria , Algeria , Tunis , Khartoom , Tahran , Turky , Beirut , Barlyin , Italy , Bukharist


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