Announcement imported tender

Subject:  tender  7  /T/TYN/2023 supplying a waste tire recycling line to produce rubber granules of various sizes and accessories

closing date    21  /  6  /  2023

The State Company for Rubber and Tires Industries ( in Najaf ) one of the companies of Ministry of Industry and Minerals announce the imported tender , which details are listed below from the investment budget allocation of 2023 However, the referral will not take place until after the availability of financial allocation from the Ministry. So the experienced & specialized  companies and bureaus  that have desire in participate to the tender have to visit the commercial department at  the site of the company in   ( AL Najaf City – AL Haydariah District ) in order to buy the documents needed for participating in the tender against  un refundable sum ( 300000 ID ) three hundred  thousand Iraqi dinar .Any offer which does not comply with the standard documents  will be neglected you must  to be considered  . note , the latest day to receive offers at 12 AM of the work time of    21  /   6   / 2023 , offers should be presented to the secretary of the committee of opening offers against receipt supported the reception .offer should be attached with  a bid bond amount of  ( 27325) USA Dollar equal to (3579575 )Iraqi Dinar  from the estimated cost  as a form of an approved cheque in Iraqi Dinar or as a bank guarantee issued by  an  Iraqi reliable bank  for Iraqi suppliers  and as a bank guarantee issued by a foreign bank  through the  (Trade Bank of Iraq ) to the behalf of our company for foreign suppliers  and it should be un conditioned and payable at request   and it should be valid to not less than(  28 ) days from tender validity  which is nominated as ( 90 ) days from the closing date of the tender  .Any offer does not attached with bid bond will be neglected  ,note that the company is not obliged to accept the lowest offer . A special conference will be held to answer the questions of the participators of the tender on    

 14 /  6  /2023 .The winner of the tender will endure the fees of publishing and advertising . For any further information please visit our web site or the web site of the Ministry of Industry and


Tender details :

supplying a waste tire recycling line to produce rubber granules of various sizes and accessories

Description as attached

QTY/ as attached 

Estimated cost :- (2732500 ) USD equivalent (3579575000) ID