investment opportunity in the industrial sector Opportunity Number (1 IRT / 2021)

The State Company for Rubber Industries and Tires located in Najaf Governorate / Al-Haidarya district / Karbala-Najaf Road, one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the Republic of Iraq, is pleased to invite investors, specialized international companies and financiers (from sober manufacturing companies or their approved agents), to participate in the investment opportunity (1 / IRT / 2021) Rehabilitation, modernization and operation of (Diwaniyah Tires Factory), one of our company’s factories located in the Diwaniyah Governorate center to produce (500,000) tires / year of lorries and heavy load radial tires in accordance with the requirements contained in the investment file ..

Those who wish to participate must apply for the investment file from the company’s site against a non-refundable amount of (200,000) dinars, and whoever is awarded the investment opportunity bears the fees for publishing the advertisement and legal fees.

Offers shall be submitted in a closed  and sealed envelope addressed to our company, on which the name and number of the investment opportunity and the name and address of the participating entity shall be affixed, provided that the receipt of purchase of the investment file issued by our company shall be attached with the offers. emphasizing that the statement of final accounts shall be for the last five years.

The file can be obtained from the date of publishing the advertisement in the local newspapers. The party wishing to participate can review the site of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / department of Investments, as well as the company’s site in Najaf in case any detailed legal or technical information is needed, or visit the proposed site for investment.

The offers will be opened within thirty actual working days from the date of the last publication in the local newspapers, and the extension will be made for thirty days in the absence of a referral recommendation or no offers received, and this mechanism will continue until a calendar year from the date of the last publication in the local newspapers.

The bids are received at the company’s site, and it is possible to visit the ministry’s website to view the information and address the Investments Department in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals at the following address: –
Iraq – Baghdad – Bab Al Sharqi – Al Nidhal Street – Switchboard (009648162006) P.O. Box (5815) fax (009648166040) e-mail (invest @ industry, website ( Also, it is possible to address the company’s site at the address: (Republic of Iraq – Najaf Governorate – PO Box 240), phone: – (07827333239) and (07727333239), email: (

Babylon tires investment opportunity

The State Company for Rubber Industries and Tires, one of the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies, is pleased to promote and inform the investors interested in investment, that it has an investment opportunity available as a desire to invest in the Babylon tire factory, which specializes in radial tires for various vehicles bearing the trademark ((Babylon)). – (The factory underwent a rehabilitation to improve its performance in quantity and quality) by adding new equipment and molds for the period between 2006 – 2014, and maintaining production lines where they were operating from previous years. Our company is currently preparing the final investment file with general conditions and advertising requirements, and it will be originally announced in the local newspapers and with the competent authorities for promotion during the coming period to enable those interested in investing to submit their quotations or write at the company’s address. The factory specializes in the production of passenger car tires, light truck tires, heavy truck tires (trucks and lorries) as well as agricultural tractor tires. It has a factory specializing in the production of reclaimed rubber, the target production capacity for the current investment phase is (1550000) tire / year. The capacity of the other stage specialized in heavy truck tires for trucks , 500,000 tires / year, has not been fully implemented and has not entered the production process since the establishment of the factory due to the state of the country at that time, and this unit is still idle due to a shortage of machinery and equipment.

 The investor has the right to add other new capacities with new model or sizes of tires that meet the actual need of local or export demand, tires for cars and military vehicles (we note that the volume of domestic demand for tires now exceeds ten million) tires annually and are subject to significant growth annually, which encourages the trend to localize this industry in Iraq. 

The state company for rubber and tires industries is the leader of tires and rubber products industry and recycling in Iraq. The company  consists of three factory produce passenger and truck tires as well as rubber  and plastic goods 

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